Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween 2013

All was quiet in the woods, there was no sound, until leaves were starting to shuffle, and lonely moans filled the air.
The Necromancer grinned. He had waited years for this night, the night his slaves come home.
Aracniphobics were shifting through the woods, carrying the corpses he desired for his experiments.

His slaves, The Arachniphobic, were once children who lived in another dimension that could use horrific rituals to cross into other universes.  The group of children were trouble making kids, always playing pranks on their town, but then one day, they killed all the livestock in the town accidentally, so on Halloween, while the group of kids were Trick or Treating, the town captured them and exiled them into our universe. 
They found themselves in the woods, and came across The Necromancer, who tore off and burnt the children's faces, and made them his slaves, making them rob graves or steal children in the night. The Necromancer told them how to train spiders to capture their victims and hold them down. Then they  found out that the only way to rest in peace is to find their faces again, so the Arachniphobic walk across the Earth, trying to find the double of them in this universe, so they can tear off their face and die in peace.

Friday, 26 April 2013


We were eager to get into our new house, and we got it for a cheap price too. I don't know why, it is in great condition, but the paint is pealing a bit, but everything else is fine. No weeds in the wood or woodlice or anything like that. We drove the car up to the driveway, and I saw our new neighbor over the fence.
"Hello" he said, in very dark way. "Are you the new owners of the house?"
"Yes" I said "What is your name?"
"I am Frank, but you probably won't be seeing me much, especially if you smell rot"
"You'll soon find it. It knocks four times, with a deadly smell." and he disappeared into his house.

We unpacked our things and brought them into the house, along with our couch and TV from the mover truck. That night we ordered Chinese food for dinner, and soon after that we went to bed. 
It must of been about half past midnight when I hear someone at the door. They slowly knock four times. Knock, knock, knock, knock. I got up and went to the door. The light on the living room started to flicker, which was strange, because we had just replaced that bulb. There was also a horrible rotting smell coming from the door. It knocked again. Knock, knock, knock, knock. I slowly turn the cold, brass knob on the door, and slid it open. Nobody was out there.
I felt a hand on my back. I turned. It was only my little sister.
"What are you doing?"
"I thought I heard someone."
"What is that?" She pointed at a little rotting pumpkin on the porch, with its skin peeling and brown. It had little eyes carved into it and a mouth that had sharp points. 

"Don't touch it!" I said
She bent down and touched it. "It won't bite." Famous last words. She screamed as its teeth sank into here hand . I tried to pull it off, but this thing was strong. I pulled and pulled, and it came off with a crack. It had something in it's mouth. Fingers! I screamed, she shrieked. The world was spinning as I saw the blood gush from her joints and fell to the ground and the world went black.
I found myself in the hospital when I woke up. I had fainted for a very long time, and my parents had found me on the ground unconscious, and then they found my sister. Her body was found mangled up in the yard.
I couldn't stop crying. That night my parents weren't allowed to stay, but I only had to be there one more night and then I could leave. I settled on my hospital bed and tried to fall asleep, but then I heard someone at the door. 
They knocked four times, and there was a horrible rotting smell coming from the door.

By Cadaver

Hoped you liked my story.
 Although most in countries it is spring or summer or winter, it is Autumn here in New Zealand, so I decided to take my new rotting, and peeling pumpkin out for some photos in the nice Autumnness of my back yard, even though the grass is still green.
I wrote that today when I was bored, so I thought I might share it.

Friday, 12 April 2013

In the Beginning ...

My Undead Witch

The Groats


With more to come...

Thanks to PumpkinRot:, Scott at Stolloween:, and 
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